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Birth Support

Having a good team around you through these major transitions is something all birthing people are deserving of. Our culture has slowly isolated pregnant people and has left them with much to do all on their own. My birth support is aimed to help you create a good network around you so this process feels nourishing, sacred and community based.

Water Birth

What My Birth Support Includes


24/7 Pregnancy Support

Available by call, text and email for emotional support and questions (this will continue through 2 weeks postpartum).

Prenatal Care

2 prenatal visits generally scheduled at 22-24 weeks and 34-38 weeks gestation. We also create a birth plan for the birthing person and baby and I'm available to provide education, evidence based information and recommendations for provider and baby care

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Labor Support

I will provide techniques to support yourself in labor prior to my arrival. I will attend your hospital or home birth to support and offer massage and pressure point techniques, position changes, etc. I will be available for unlimited hours for your birth process and of course bring my bag of labor tools and aids.

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​Postpartum Care

1 postpartum visit and available for 2 weeks post birth for questions and concerns. I will share simple pictures taken at birth if that was something you desired and am open to the conversation of postpartum doula support.​

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