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My Story

Hey there folks! I’m Sage (they/them)!

I’m a queer full-spectrum doula & I have a deep passion for weaving together trauma-informed care, sacred space and transformative justice. With over 5 years of experience working with LGBTQ+ and woman identified folks in trauma, recovery and health settings, I have found so much joy in holding space to help clients navigate pregnancy, birth, gender identity related processes & postpartum.

Through my professional life (and who are we kidding, just living my life), I have deeply developed my ability to "walk the edge" (aka those moments just before major change that sometimes prove to be the most challenging) as well as my ability to hold paradox and compassion. I bring this forward with all of my clients in the myriad of thresholds they encounter including birth, loss, grief, change and postpartum.

I grew up in Southern California and my wife and I currently live and work in Middletown, CT. I am an animal lover, a committed community member, amateur tarot reader, lover of all things mystical and logistical. I do my best to reduce waste and live sustainably... even though I know its the big guys that can really make the difference, I find right relationship with myself and nature when I do my best to leave no trace - even if its imperfect.

I aim to dismantle systems of oppression that live inside of me and the community at large by showing up for my community in ways that help move the needle. As of right now that looks like providing person-centered care, gender and identity affirming practices, and participating in conversations and movements that get creative and imaginative with new ways to build an anti-oppressive, identity affirming existence.

Photo of myself in a field

My Work

I desire to create a space that is safe and radically inclusive. This means continuing to refine and adjust to ever evolving language and best practices as well as just continuing to grow as a human so that my own personal work doesn't interfere with the work we do together.

I am fully certified as a full-spectrum doula by BADT Doula training. I've completed the Hearts and Hands Midwifery intensives which have allowed me to deepen my skills as a care provider and birth professional. I have also completed a Neonatal Resuscitation training with Karen Strange. I have over 5 years of facilitation experience working with folks in trauma and recovery and bring all the skills I've honed over the years to the table as we approach your reproductive journey.

Because I understand clients will show up to this space with different levels of access to resources, I offer sliding scale pricing to folks that have limited resources as well as payment plans to make things a bit more manageable. This commitment is part of the social and political way I move the needle and support my community.

Doula Training Certification
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