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Kinfolk Medicine



I am deeply committed to helping people find the depth of their experience(s). My life's work is to support people on the edge of major transition so they have the capacity to be fully in their process. I believe birth & the postpartum time are sacred, transformative processes that are best led by the birthing person. I aim to help you explore your needs and desires so we can advocate for the birthing/postpartum situation you want and support your body in all its complexity.


As a white, queer, non-binary person, I do my best to continue breaking down the systems of oppression that live inside me and aim to make my work intersectional. I am a l w a y s open for hard conversations and to be IN it with you - reach out if something doesn't feel right and if we're not a fit I am very happy to provide other resources that might work better for you!

What I can Offer


Life can make the most primal parts of us seem like an afterthought so I aim to help you reconnect with your body to access that innate wisdom. Together we will cultivate a plan curated to your needs & situation that helps you feel empowered and held in your birth journey. We will create a "toolkit" of practices that aide you in grounding & presencing yourself as well as work with comfort measures to work through the more challenging moments that may arise. 

The work I offer is to uplift you, the intersectional being that you are, and help you navigate the reproductive world in a way that feels nourishing & sacred. We will build trust, intuition and awareness to help you set the boundaries needed to create the birth journey you want. This is radical work if we let it be, I'm here to walk the edge of transition with you.

Natural Herbs
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